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Tom Joly 1st place at UTMB Translantau 130km

Team Hour 7 athlete Tom Joly dominated the Translantau 130km event, conquering a deceptively tough course that turned the race into a survival contest! 

The race kicked off at 10 pm on a warm and humid evening, presenting a formidable challenge with temperatures reaching 28°C and 80% humidity. Tom faced fierce competition, including top Chinese athletes Yiaquio Yun and Jiajeu Zhao, and Norwegian athlete Anders Kjaervik. The pace was relentless, with heart-pounding climbs and slippery descents.

Tom strategically navigated the challenges, letting the leaders go on climbs and patiently working his way back. A delay at the 54km mark for refuelling didn't deter him. Tom's specific training paid off, propelling him ahead at 80km.

As rain provided relief from the heat, it introduced new challenges. The final climbs and descents became treacherously slippery, transforming the last 40km into a survival contest rather than a race.

The last 30km of the course proved to be the most demanding, with Joly's legs feeling broken against the challenging terrain. Despite the physical toll, he maintained the pressure, securing a significant lead by the race's conclusion.

Tom’s fueling strategy, relying on approximately 100g of carbs per hour, showcased a mix of SiS chews, Beta-fuel mix, gels, coke, and caffeine gels. The challenging conditions led to running out of food with 30km to go, requiring reliance on aid stations for noodles, bananas, and more Coca-Cola.

Up next, a Marathon in Malaga as a "fun project" to beat his PB, followed by a well-deserved off-season before the TGC in February.

(Hour 7 athlete Tom Joly after winning at UTMB Translatau)


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