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Meet Michael Stocks

Michael brings a unique perspective, having held international leadership roles in business, run for Great Britain, and founded Hour 7.

Michael’s approach to performance is evident in his bestselling book One Track Mind, about his run of 155 miles (250km) in 24 hours on an athletics track in London. To achieve that result, he replicated the support system of an Olympic athlete, within the limitations of a challenging working life. He then ran for GB at the World 24-Hour Championships in France at the age of 50, the oldest runner to debut for GB in the modern era. In 2022 he broke the World Record for 100-miles for any athlete over the age of 50, running the distance in 13 hours 41 minutes, an average pace of just over 8 minutes a mile.

Before beginning his work in sport and performance, Michael founded a number of software and services businesses. He has a background in corporate law and he was on the management board of a multi-national mobile phone group by the unusual age of 25. He was subsequently elected to Chairman of the GSMA, the global technology standards organisation for mobile operators from over a hundred countries. In that role he spent most of his time travelling internationally, leading discussions that determined the future direction of mobile technology.

Michael is a highly experienced speaker and has been a global media spokesperson.

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