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Meet Lauren Woodwiss

Lauren has competed in a selection of the UK’s most technical races, finishing 1st at Scafell skyrace, 2nd at Snowdon skyline, and 1st at Ultra Trail Snowdonia 50k. She represented the UK skyrunning team in 2022, following a 3rd place finish at the highly prestigious Trofeo Kima skyrace.

In her early 20’s, Lauren spent a lot of time living in the French Alps and it’s here that it became clear that her passion lay in mountain running. Over the years, she’s experimented with a mixture of distances in the mountains, anything from 5k’s through to 80k events, but her real passion lies in super technical events, such as Trofeo Kima and Tromso Skyrace.

Lauren is originally from Birmingham, but is currently living in northern Italy with her husband and Aussie Shepherd dog. She grew up playing all kinds of different sports and took part in a range of different school and club running events, from cross country through to track and field. It’s always been abundantly clear, she feels, that short distance speed is not her forte, and people often joke that she only really gets going after about 2 hours of running.



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