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Altitude Camp Lactate Testing

At the Hour 7 altitude camp, team physiologist Dr Jamie Pugh joined us and as part of his visit, he conducted some in the field lactate testing. The athletes that tend to race on the road and track did their testing whilst doing a session on the road and the athletes that race on trail and in the mountains did their testing during a hill session on the trail. Top international trail runner Hayden Hawks joined us for the testing.


Hour 7 Running Resources - 15:15:58 at UTMB CCC 2023

15:15:58 at UTMB CCC 2023

Training mileage, nutrition plan, race strategy and other key data. An Hour 7 knowledge share.

Case Studies


25 Sep

Hour 7 Running Resources - Strength training for 100 meters or 100 miles

Strength training for 100 meters or 100 miles

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9 Aug

Hour 7 Running Resources - 40 Mile World Record

40 Mile World Record

Ollie Garrod set a new 40 mile world record. This case study provides a breakdown of the key data a…

Case Studies


13 Jul

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