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48 Hour Race - Shoe Testing

Hour 7 Founder Michael Stocks visited Dr Jamie Pugh at Liverpool John Moores University to test 3 different shoe options for his upcoming 48 hour race. What made this test unique, is that we not only tested the shoes at his running pace, but also at his walking pace because he will be taking scheduled walk breaks during the race. 


Hour 7 Running Resources - 15:15:58 at UTMB CCC 2023

15:15:58 at UTMB CCC 2023

Training mileage, nutrition plan, race strategy and other key data. An Hour 7 knowledge share.

Case Studies


25 Sep

Hour 7 Running Resources - Strength training for 100 meters or 100 miles

Strength training for 100 meters or 100 miles

Some sample text that acts as a descriptive intro regarding the relevant article in question...



9 Aug

Hour 7 Running Resources - 40 Mile World Record

40 Mile World Record

Ollie Garrod set a new 40 mile world record. This case study provides a breakdown of the key data a…

Case Studies


13 Jul

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