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40 Mile World Record

Race name:

Barry 40


Ollie Garrod

Race description:

40 miles (161 laps) on a standard 400m athletics track, at a race with a great history in elite ultra running.


40 miles


3:45:07, World Record, first place.


0 meters.

Training volume in build-up:

Average of 88 miles a week in the final 6 weeks. Ollie recovers unusually quickly from races, and broke the English 50km record three weeks prior to the race. Sharpened up the weekend before at the English National Cross Country.

Training intensity distribution:

Mostly easy leg turnover, with Parkrun and shorter races used as faster sessions.

Key sessions:

Parkrun and other races used as fast sessions.

Race strategy:

The world record was the target from the outset, so the pacing strategy was based on this objective.

Race nutrition:

SIS Go gels.

Ollie undertook regular testing in the lab with Hour 7 treadmill testing protocols. Testing included assessment of energy utilization and race nutrition. Within an informed context, Ollie also relied on feel for eating and drinking.

(Ollie worked in the lab with Hour 7 Physiologist Dr Jamie Pugh. Ollie visited the lab several times in the build up to his world record, providing valueable data, which led to the world record performance).

Race hydration:

SIS Hydro tabs in water.

Race shoes:

Nike Vaporfly

Key items of kit:

Sunglasses and cap – not a hot day, but helped with the sense of being cool and collected.

Key lesson:

Dream big. Also, 161 laps of a track can be surprisingly fun with the right positive mindset, the perfect crew and a guy on the microphone getting excited about the splits!


(Ollie Garrod with Hour 7 team manager Robbie Britton, who helped Ollie with his training plan in the lead up to his world record. Photo: Dave MacFarlane).


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