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Thanks for your interest in Hour 7!

We are looking for 3 runners who align with the Hour 7 philosophy. Dedicated athletes with a hunger to learn, who want to achieve their true potential in ultra-running.

You might already be competing at the highest level, or have aspirations and goals that will take you there in the future. Your desire to learn will make you keen to work with experts in the areas of physiology, coaching, psychology and beyond to take the next step in your ultra-running journey.

Ideally you’re based in the UK & Ireland, but we may consider different locations in Europe. Even if not, do get in touch as we hope to grow the geographical reach of the team in future.

We want athletes who run long, be it on the trails or the roads, or a mix of both. There might be a focus on trail athletes in this particular recruitment, but fitting into the team ethos will hold a greater weight than what’s under your feet when you hit the seventh hour.

Above all else, we want athletes who want to be part of a team. We’re not looking for individuals, but for those who can make the most of a supportive, friendly environment and give back as much in return. Team Hour 7 is stronger together. We learn and prosper as a group and our successes are shared.

If your ambitions are aligned with ours, then get in touch. We want to hear from the next generation of ultra-runners who will benefit from the Hour 7 approach and support and who can show the world our mission: "As a team, we can achieve more than any of us could individually – together, we can push the boundaries of what is possible.”

Before you apply just a reminder that, as much as we would like to, we cannot support everyone. We are expecting some tough decisions ahead as we are sure there will be a lot of excellent applications. The criteria we use and the decisions we make will be in the interests of the team as a whole and, where possible and requested, we will endeavour to provide feedback.

Let us know your interest in Hour 7 by answering the questions in our form before Monday 20th February.

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